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Real emotions in the virtual reality club in Zaporozhye

Until recently, we associated virtual reality with fantastic films, and now it is a mega-popular attraction in Zaporozhye, which evokes a storm of feelings and emotions in visitors of different ages, statuses. Almost everything is possible here: for a while, become a Spiderman or a pirate, fight with zombies, dive to the ocean floor or go down a mountain slope on skis.

The VR CUBE club is always glad to both regular visitors and those who for the first time decided to plunge headlong into the amazing virtual world. You will have the latest and greatest VR equipment at your disposal, including the HTC Vive helmet, partial immersion goggles and hand controllers. With the help of these devices, the boundaries between real and computer space are erased, you completely immerse yourself in adventure. However, in order not to get confused, having come to the virtual reality club for the first time, we will give some useful tips, tell you how to behave and what to do.

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