Lensʹka Street, 45, Zaporizhzhia

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About the place

In a picturesque area, surrounded by a coniferous-deciduous forest, on the right bank of the Dnieper, is the sanatorium «Velykyy Lug», where you will be given an excellent opportunity to relax and get better at a small price.

To attention of visitors the five-storeyed residential case with set of double numbers of categories the standard, and also one and double numbers of the raised comfort is offered. All rooms are cozy furnishings, there is quality furniture and a bathroom with all necessary bath and cosmetic accessories. The supply of hot and cold water is provided around the clock. Three meals a day for vacationers on a custom-made system is organized in the dining room of the sanatorium, including dietary. In addition, the sanatorium's infrastructure consists of sports halls and sports grounds, a cafe-bar, a disco, a dance hall and a cinema-concert hall, where a variety of entertainment programs are regularly held. There is a 24-hour car park.

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