183, Sobornyi Avenue, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

The large concert hall is considered one of the finest halls in Europe, because it has unique acoustic capabilities and a special architecture of neoclassicism.

Built in the middle of the twentieth century. is an architectural monument designed by architect G. Wegman and engineer V. Shapilsky.

In the decoration of the exterior of the building, the architect combined classic elements with Soviet symbols. In particular, the capitals of the pillars within the ordering system contain images of stars, sickle and hammer, ears of wheat, lyre, and cinematic tape.

At the same time, there are classic elements in the design: the belt ions of the balcony plate, the acanthus on the consoles, traditional masks. In the capillaries of the pilasters of the side facades, stylized masks are combined with the sunrise motif, which brings this design closer to the Art Deco style.

In style, the monument is one of the finest examples of 1950s architecture that combines elements of constructivism and neoclassicism.

It was the school of constructivism that allowed the architect to create a functionally complex building with extremely comfortable interior layout that creates pompous and solemn spaces. The concert hall has more than 700 seats.

From the exterior decor of the building it is also worth noting the wide entablature and four-column niches of the side facades, the difficult profile cornice and the huge three-tier window openings of the central facade, the arches of the side entrances and the pilasters of the Corinthian order, as well as the intricate drawing on the outer sculptural composition of the central front surrounded by developing canvases.

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