Sadivnytstva Street, 1, Khortytsia Island, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

Sanatorium-preventorium «Dniprospetsstalʹ is located in a well-kept park on the island of Khortytsia, a few minutes walk from the banks of the Dnieper.

The resort complex is designed for several hundred vacationers and includes residential buildings, a department of hydrotherapy and an unique respiratory-recovery center, which is the pride of the sanatorium. At your service are spacious rooms of various categories with all amenities. In the dining room of the sanatorium there are organized three meals a day, including dietary meals. The medical base of the sanatorium-preventorium includes a lot of the most modern physiotherapy equipment, separation of balneological procedures, speleocamera, pressure chamber, reflexes, psycho and physiotherapy rooms, bioresonance stimulation room, various types of therapeutic massage and therapeutic physical training. All treatment rooms are equipped with modern medical equipment. The sanatorium complex has a modern conference hall for 30 people, equipped with everything necessary for organizing and holding seminars, conferences, trainings and corporate meetings.

Past events

Dmitro Romanov "Nove ta krase"_ Zaporizza

Sun 22 Mar 19:00

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