The Round house

The Round house

The house is a unique monument of Social city architecture. The round-shaped house was built in the architectural direction - the monumentalism characteristic of Soviet architecture of the first half of the twentieth century. Various historical styles were used in the decoration. The house is 100 m in diameter, with a spacious yard, which is also round in shape and had a fountain at the time of the quarter's construction.

The building has 14 cross-porches, built as a structural first unit of the Social city - a commune house or a commune quarter with a developed system of integrated public service, where the individual functional elements are combined into a single unit.

It is part of quarter № 3 – of Social city, which emerged as a residential complex of the plant Zaporizhstal, was built during 1933-1937 by the design team under the direction of architects G. Orlov and V. Lavrov, who owns the design of the Sixth settlement.

In 1973 the house was connected to the heating instead of the usual oven from the first half of the twentieth century. It is currently a residential building with 468 apartments.
The round house is surrounded by many legends related to the shape of its structure, which is made in the form of the letter C and can symbolize the first letter in the word Stalin. This is one of the post-war legends of Zaporizhzhia, but it is refuted by scientists.