Democracy developed by Children

We gladly announce the selection for the Bureau of Changes bearing the name of "Democracy developed by Children" which is created within the framework of the All-Ukrainian program "Democracy developed by Children"

“Children's democracy” is an All-Ukrainian program aiming to develop a new framework that would provide a cooperation of teenagers and adult experts in the development of socially important projects, as well as to involve young people to solving important social issues. The program is based on the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights foundations.

The contest aims to:

  • select the most active, motivated and efficient participants for further project work,
  • provide a valuable experience of democratic relations for the young participants of the program;
  • promote the universal values, such as patriotism, morality, tolerance, friendliness, sense of beauty and harmony among the younger generation;
  • increase the interest of the young generation in the field of science and innovation

We invite teenagers aged 13 to 16 years (Zaporizhzhia) to take part in the contest. We are looking for young people motivated to generate and implement ideas thar would improve Ukrainians' well-being and everyday life.

The competition winners will become members of the Bureau of Changes for Children’s Democracy Zaporizhzhia. The project would benefit the teenagers by knowledge and skills in project management, and will help them build democratic relations with expert team members to implement interesting ideas together.

The participants can register and send us their works by the 28th February 2019

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For more information: +380 (99) 169-40-15 Olena Zastavna or

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