61, Leonida Zhabotynskoho Street, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

Hotel “Zlata Praha” is unique in its atmosphere, which is completely subordinate to the Czech capital, charming Prague. Here you can stay in one of the rooms of the semi-luxe, superior semi-luxe, premium semi-luxe and luxe. Hotel provides the exquisite design of rooms in bright colors, carpets, upholstered furniture and everything you need for a comfortable stay. Only the best fabrics made from natural fibers were used in the design. The hotel is located close to the main attractions of the city, as well as shops and shopping centers.

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Made in Zaporizhzhia

Artzavod Studio

152 m.

(063) 322-66-95

Beer restaurant


181 m. Zaporizhzhia, 50а Leonida Zhabotуnskoho st.

(067) 610-03-40

What to see

184 m. Patrioticha St. 49

Intourist hotel

247 m. Sobornyi Ave, 135, Zaporizhzhia, Zaporiz'ka oblast, Ukraine, 69000

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Туристическая компания "Турал-Украина"

247 m. Sobornіy ave. 135,of.437

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Conference halls

Conference hall Intourist Hotel

247 m. 135 Soborny Аvenue, Zaporizhzhia

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Intourist Hotel

250 m. 135, Sobornyi Avenue, Zaporizhzhia

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No comments bar

259 m. Zaporizhzhia, 137 Sobornyi ave.

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Fish restaurant

Sushi Author's Studio

275 m. Zaporizhzhia, 56b Patriotychna st.

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338 m. Zaporizhzhia, 170а Sobornyі Ave.

(095) 206-83-64