Khortytsia after the Cossacks

No matter how sad, but the Cossack era has passed. After the destruction of Sich, Catherine II makes a generous gift to Prince Potemkin - the Ukrainian island Khortytsia.

The prince acted unexpectedly and ordered to plant a huge orchard on the island. At the end of the 18th century, the Khortytsia lands became the property of the state, and then to the German colonists. The Germans drove the last Cossacks out of here.

During the Civil War, Khortytsia became the arena of the struggle of the Red Army and the Germans. And for the years 1927-1932 she was hit hard - the construction of the DniproHES. The construction of bridges and railways, power lines. Granite for construction was taken directly from the island.

Khortytsia for many years has not lost either its beauty or fame. The picturesque nature of the island, washed on both sides by the waters of the blue Dnipro, has still retained its originality. Today Khortytsia is an island of Cossack glory. Here, in the smallest details, the life of Ukrainian soldiers is reproduced, the atmosphere of their life is conveyed. The unique Museum of the History of Zaporizhzhia Cossacks is a whole treasury of memory of the era of the Cossacks.

In addition to him, on the island of Khortytsia created the Historical and Cultural complex Zaporizhzhia Sich. This is a certain generalized image of the Cossack capital, which presents the main buildings inherent in the Zaporizhzhia Sichs: the church, smokers, the house of the ataman, office, military piggy banks, school, gunner. In the suburbs: forge, pottery, tavern, Greek house, and the like.

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