Where to look for inspiration in Zaporizhzhii

Inspiration everywhere. The main thing is to learn to notice it. We have some ideas to help you find inspiration in Zaporizhzhia.

What can inspire:

Nature → Khortytsia Island
Inspiration requires an inner resource. It is best to restore energy in nature

People → meeting over a cup of coffee at @ cholla.joshua
Soborny Avenue, 200
The best inspiration is people who are close in spirit. Communication works wonders. Pleasant atmosphere, delicious desserts and drinks and "their" people around - this is the territory of inspiration.

Art → Art Salon @artsalonzp
Soborny Avenue, 159
Look for inspiration in beauty. Colors, plots, shapes - all this gives creative energy and new ideas.

Architecture → the door of Stary Oleksandrivsk
Arrange a quest through the streets of the Old Town in search of historic doors. Add addresses:

street Turgenev, 50
street Zhukovsky, 47
street Zhukovsky, 49
street Trinity, 36

Thanks for the photo / video:
@ polya.chernomorets

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