Map of Zaporizhia. New projects

In 2022, Zaporizhzhia will have a lot of new things:

A large-scale renovation of the island's park area will begin in Khortytsia. In particular, we are talking about "Khortytsky Labyrinth" - a natural park located on 40 hectares. It is planned to restore the park areas to make them attractive and accessible to tourists.

 In Kommunarsky district it is planned to build a modern sports complex with an ice arena for 750 spectators. The wellness center with ice arena will be located on the street. Space, 104a. The project is planned to be implemented within the framework of the national hockey development program. The facility will be used for the development of hockey and figure skating, as well as a place of leisure for citizens.

 The first stage of reconstruction of Ivan Gutnyk-Zaluzhny Square in the Borodino district of the city has been completed. The pavement was replaced, art installations were installed and communications for future lighting and lighting were laid. Next in the park will be a playground, benches with USB charging, bicycle parking, new lighting and an automatic watering system. It is also planned to install a modern automated modular sanitary unit.

 Reconstruction and installation of a memorial to the defenders of Ukraine - a double trident and a stele of remembrance dedicated to the victims - is planned in the Border Guard Square. The project also envisages landscaping. It will be a modern location with wi-fi, video surveillance, good lighting. A proposal was also made to build a "dry" fountain.

Reconstruction of the regional SHVSM basin is underway. Currently, the basin of the basin is being repaired, the schemes of pipelines and drainage trays are being developed, and the pool ventilation system is being adjusted. The plans are to install a new roof, improve the surrounding area, and restore the dismantled multifunctional site. It is planned to complete all works in the swimming pool in the 1st quarter of 2022.

Also in 2022 it is planned to build an urban park in the park of Labor Glory, the beginning of the reconstruction of the Festival Square, st. Embankment, reconstruction of parks and squares on the streets of Nagnybida, Kuruzov, Spartak Makovsky, Tovariska and others.

We sincerely rejoice and support all the positive changes taking place in our city!                                           

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