Stone fulfilling women's dreams

On the Sovutskа rock, the island of Khortytsia, there is a stone that can fulfill any desire, but ... only feminine! And you do not need to wait for the New Year chimes or fern flower on Ivan Kupala. Where did this legend come from and is it valid for today?

To find that stone, you need to feel it. Talk with him, open your fragile female soul, and only then ask for the desired.

According to legend, the girl Malanka was in love with a Cossack, but her parents preferred to give her in marriage to a merchant. Therefore, Malanka ran away from home. She ran to her lover on the Velykyi Lug. Overcoming the Dnipro rapids on a boat, she lost consciousness and woke up on a rock. Out of despair,  she began to pray heaven, if it is not destined to be happy and loved, then it is better to be petrified forever. And so it happened. Stone Malanka now makes others happy.

This is a large stone in size, but still not everyone will understand that it is the same, coveted. By the way, women come to him in Khortytsia for happiness, even from abroad.

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