Ghost ship

The waters of the Dnipro store no less values in themselves than the land of the island. Since the Dnipro Rapids were difficult to pass, and were strategically important for the Cossacks, a military facility, many weapons and ships, both enemy and local, drowned here.

That is why, weapons are the most common value that the Dnipro bottom holds. As a rule, all weapons in the old days were made with a special approach: the handles were full of precious metals and inlaid.

But, all this is trifles in comparison with the unique find of the Cossack Chaika. It was noticed by a suspicious bottom relief near the Naumova beam. Divers found many unique things of the Cossacks around from shoes to muskets. The find quickly overgrown with legends. After the Chaika was raised and revealed to the world, people began to claim that they had seen it in the Dnipro, and it looked like a ghost ship. But the Cossack Chaika does not bring any trouble to anyone who sees her ghost, but rather predicts the fulfillment of desire. Therefore, rather in Zaporizhzhia, perhaps you are the lucky one whose desire is fulfilled by a ghost ship.

You can see the legendary Chaika in the ship's museum Chaika at the address: island Khortytsia, Ovochevodcheska st.

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