"Zaporizhzhia bowl" or pagan sanctuary?

Sitting on Khortytsia, around a huge stone bowl, the Cossacks was scooping out her fish soup with one and a half meter spoons and fed each other.

Not far from Khortytsia, three high cliff islands are visible. They are called Three Brothers, or Three Stacks. Inclined, Medium and Dyvan. The tract opposite the pillars is called Black Rock. If, having reached the Pillars, looking at the granite bodies of the stone brothers, can see holes on one of them of different sizes. There are 7 in total and they denote the seven stars of the constellation Pleiades.

In the people, the stone hole itself is usually called the Zaporizhzhia bowl. Allegedly, the Cossacks used the hollows in the stone precisely as a vessel for food.

In terrible heat, dumplings were cooked in this bowl and fed one and a half meter wooden spoons through the bowl, sitting in a circle.


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