Cossacks and witches. Mysterious collaboration

Influential people, representatives of the government or the national elite often kept witches as advisers, because they knew that women are closer to the natural world, they feel better about people and their intentions. They say that the Cossacks actively enjoyed the support of witches, they themselves divined and practiced charms.

But Zaporizhzhia was a territory forbidden not only for women, but also for witches - magical masculine principle is concentrated here. And this fact is quite eloquent, because in the rest of Ukraine female divination and magic clearly dominated.

It is widely believed that successes in military campaigns and in public service were not complete without the help of witches. For example, the brilliant career of the Kyiv governor Kisel gave rise to rumors that his mother was a witch and helped her son in every possible way.

But the main character of such rumors, without a doubt, was Bogdan Khmelnytskyi. He had several personal witches, with whom he certainly consulted before each battle. In particular, Polish authors of that time wrote that the Ukrainian commander kept a witch in his army, who, according to their testimonies, advised the governor before important battles. It was she who predicted the hetman's defeat and victory.

Unfortunately, only eyewitnesses of those long-standing events could reveal to us all the secrets of the brave knights of the Wild Field. One thing can be said with confidence: such details of the Cossack life could not have arisen.

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