Catherine's chair

The rock of the archipelago closest to the right bank of the Dnipro is called Catherine’s Chair. It really resembles a huge, nature-made chair facing the island of Khortytsia.

Between Khortytsia and the DniproHES, one can hardly see a group of three rocky islets. They are called the Three Pillars.

According to legend, Empress Catherine the Great in 1787, after laying a stone in the foundation of the Preobrazhenskyi Cathedral of the future, Katerinoslava continued her journey along the Dnipro and decided to explore the Zaporizhzhia Sich, which was located on the island of Khortytsia. Zaporizhzhia Cossacks explained to her that according to the seventh commandment, women are forbidden to visit the Sich. Sentenced the death penalty of female offenders. But  the Empress told: "I want!"

The Cossacks had no choice but to put her in a boat and take her to the island, and by their own magic cause an unprecedented storm. The Dnipro was calm and quiet, but then a terrible storm suddenly arose, a strong wind blew, the river became agitated, the boat began to turn - they can’t approach Khortytsia. Spinning, spinning for so long until it got dark. It became cold. Barely the boat nailed to the nearest rock. There, on bare stones, Catherine II passed the night without ever reaching Sich. The commandment was observed, the honor of the Cossacks was preserved. Since then, the rock has received its name.

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