Sword of Unity

An ancient Cossack legend that has been passed down from generation to generation.

After the destruction of Sich by the Moscow forces, as the legend says, the Cossacks divided. Some of them went to the Kuban, some at the Dunai, and some to Galicia.

Only when they all come together will Cossack smiths begin to forge the sword of Unity with their sabers.

They will forge it for a long time: there will be many trials and unsuccessful attempts, more and more Cossacks will come, and put their sabers on a magical anvil. Gigantic bellows buzz with tension, blushing saber blades in the fire, reforging under the blows of hammers into a magic blade. Sparks from under the forge hammers and salty sweat pour in the eyes of the blacksmiths ...

Dark forces by all means will try to stop the blacksmiths: promise them Gold, Power, Glory ... But the blacksmiths will not reckon with him and continue to do their job.

When the steel of chivalry flashes and the Sword of Unity shines with a clear flame! Then the whole Cossack Society will come together and raise this sword up - and fire from it will spill over into all Cossack Hearts! And then the Cossacks will rise - they will resurrect Ukraine and the ancient Cossack Mother will rise - the Sich.

Material taken: http://www1.intercossacks.org.ua

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