How did the Cossacks dress in the Sich?

... clothing of Zaporizhzhia Cossacks was especially rich during their trips to Ukraine. After all, luxurious attire was a kind of advertisement for Cossack life and could seduce daredevils to seek fame in Zaporizhzhia.

In peacetime, the Cossacks put on a shirt with silk fasteners, harem pants, red boots. A silk, brocade or cloth caftan was worn over the shirt, which was belted with a silk belt. On top of the caftan, a retinue, always woolen and with cut sleeves, was sketched.

On the caftan, over the right shoulder hung a self-propelled gun. And behind the belt - two pistols and a knife instead of a dagger. A saber in peacetime was rarely worn, except for a meeting. For a meeting, puting on top of a caftan - steel chain-mail mesh.

Given the fact that they often had to participate in hostilities, in the Cossack outfit there were elements that performed a protective function.

In the manufacture of formal clothes, sable, marten, squirrel, and lynx fur were used. The fabric from which such clothes were sewn was brought from England, the Netherlands, France, the Czech Republic, as well as from the East. Buttons for formal wear were often made of silver, pearls, precious stones and were works of art. Expensive shoes were sewn from high-quality leather - goatskin.

Ceremonial clothing was a matter of pride for the Cossack, as it testified to his wealth and high social status. Characteristically such expensive clothes was for the Cossack foreman. Even the Polish noblemen, accustomed to luxury, at the negotiations were amazed at the Cossack foreman who was dressed rich.

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