5 helpful tips for choosing a hostel

How often do you travel? These tips will come in handy, help you choose the best option and save.

1. Get a discount on Booking.com
Booking.com is the world's largest home booking platform. And here are all possible options for accommodation: hotels, pensions. campsites and, of course, hostels. This is a good opportunity to take advantage of a large and powerful platform / Discounts available on the partner sites of the service.

Other benefits of Booking.com include:

- no prepayment is required when booking
- reservation without credit card is possible
- is a safe and professional service
- you can manage your reservations yourself


2. Hostelworld hostel booking site

Hostelworld is the # 1 service for booking hostels worldwide. Today there are about 36,000 hostels in 178 countries. The site also includes hotels, pensions, campsites, so before you start your search, make sure you choose the right category of accommodation. To save on your reservation, you should search for promotional codes or participate in a competition that is offered by this service from time to time.


3. Sign up for the newsletter

This is a little trick to get discounts and special offers and conveniently view them in your inbox. You can subscribe to newsletters from major portals like:




as well as news from some of the hostels you are interested in.

Why is it useful to subscribe to newsletters?

It is much easier to find an email again than to accidentally post to Facebook or Instagram. Of course, we do not always like to receive promotional messages, which is why it is worth being demanding. If you notice that the emails you have received are in vain, you can simply unsubscribe in one click.


4. Mobile applications

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all application that can save you money when booking a hostel. However, some new hostels and companies often create their own applications and this is a good opportunity to check the convenience of the service and get a discount at the outset. The application may be really handy, and if you are comfortable with the hostel you will be able to save money.


5. Make direct bookings

At times, the cost on the booking sites and hostel or hotel site may be the same. However, the availability of seats may not be true, as the hostel can offer a certain number of places for sale and distribute them between different platforms at the same time. Contact the hostel or view a schedule online. You may be offered more options or a good location nearby.




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