Three ideas for a New Year's photo shoot

Where to make atmospheric holiday photos? Keep a selection of places that seem to be created for your Christmas photos

Christmas tree on Mayakovsky Square
Haven't you been photographed near the city's main Christmas tree yet? This needs to be corrected. Every night the New Year's beauty lights bright lights to the delight of all city residents. Bright garlands and illuminations adorn the territory of Mayakovsky Square. A real holiday extravaganza.

New Year's town on Khortytsia
On the territory of the "Cossack Circle" you can feel the magical Christmas spirit. The special decoration of the location is the residence of St. Nicholas. Once inside, you feel like the hero of a New Year's fairy tale. The interior is really impressive. Photos from here will warm the heart for a long time.

Holiday town on the Cascade of fountains "Rainbow"
Bright and cozy location. Here you can take beautiful photos and spend a festive evening, go ice skating and visit the charming house where dreams come true.

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