5 places for morning coffee

Do you start the day with coffee? 5 cozy cafes for a leisurely breakfast on the weekend


In addition to the spacious Jays on Soborny Avenue, the chain is represented by a small cafe near Metallurgists Avenue, there is also a stall on Mayakovsky Square. Bright white interior and exterior. You will see the bird Jays  from afar.


Soborny Ave., 175,

Soborny Ave., 151

Soborny Ave., 172

Coffee Lab

Coffee Lab is a cozy coffee shop located in the heart of the city, on Mira Street. Guests are presented with a wide range of coffee and cocktails, which are prepared in both classic and alternative ways from the beans of their own roasting. The menu includes European cuisine, and the emphasis is on a variety of desserts and pastries. In the summer morning, we suggest you visit for a cup of orange cappuccino based on orange juice, order a healthy breakfast in addition and relax on the summer playground of the cafe.

Address: 14 Miru Street

The Cup

It offers waffles with salmon and avocado for breakfast, and the day is advised to enjoy the taste of raspberry mousse with delicate Chantilly cream. And of course, The Cup is known for alternative ways of making coffee: V-60, aeropress, kemex

Address: st. Tregubenka, 6A / 8


Coffee Bar

Do you want a delicious croissant with salmon and Philadelphia cheese or a sandwich with ham, cheese and tomatoes, or maybe a dessert? Delicious and hearty breakfasts are served in this establishment. Run for coffee

Address: 8 Shevchenka Вoulevard

Wave 3

Wave 3 is a third-wave coffee house, famous for its specialties - khachapuri, khinkali, burgers, sandwiches, hummus, pizza. Choose what tastes better for breakfast and welcome! Morning coffee will be prepared for you from 100% freshly roasted Arabica

Sobornyi Ave., 107

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