5 seasonal soups in restaurants of Zaporizhzhia

Soup is a classic winter dish. It warms, tastes great and gives you a sense of comfort. There's nothing more soothing and enjoyable than a plate of hot soup when it's cold outside. Soup is the number one choice when you need "edible support" and the spirit of the winter. But which soup to choose? Here are some of the "warming up" offers from our favorite establishments.



The comfortable, cozy atmosphere of the restaurant attracts guests. Rosemary serves Italian cuisine. They offer a selection of soups for different tastes. For a special winter experience, you can choose “Homemade Aniline with Veal in a Broth”. Anjolini is a closed paste, almost analogous to the usual dumplings, but in an elegant Italian manner. Usually anioylins are filigree stuffed with veal with the addition of parmesan. This soup definitely does not disappoint, giving a nostalgic taste from childhood and exquisite shades of aromatic Italian spices.



How I Met Your Meat

A new establishment where chefs cheat on their dishes and are not afraid of bold and sometimes risky experiments. The classic menu items are not without their playful or contrasting taste notes. One of the first courses here is to try mushroom soup with truffle oil and parsley root. Ideal soup for winter weather with rich, slightly spicy taste and delicate aroma. [

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The new spacious establishment is already quite generous. At Lihoy you can combine a nice lunch or dinner break with traditional winter ice skating. As a first course to help keep you warm and renewed, you can sample Ligurian seafood soup. Thick spicy tomato-based soup is cooked with squid, tiger prawns, walleye and mussel. The taste-rich meal will leave no chance of starvation and will certainly not disappoint.




The Mimmo family restaurant is worth a try. This traditional Ukrainian dish is usually made with beef, veal, and smoked sausages or ribs are also added. The hearty recipe is time-tested, as it never tastes good in the cold.




The restaurant of modern Ukrainian cuisine offers a taste of traditional and author's traditional dishes. Here you can taste borscht with donuts and bacon, bograch, Transcarpathian mushroom soup. And as a winter favorite, you can choose roasted broth from the rooster. The nutritious, rich-flavored broth remains hot until the last spoon.

Choose your soup, favorite or new to try this winter.

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