The Travel And Tourism Industry During And After The Quarantine

Do you feel a severe lack of communication during quarantine? Do you have questions about the future of the tourism industry or need some advice ? We can have a meeting online. In response to numerous requests of the tourist market, leading tourism industry experts will gather to discuss important tourism topics.


We will go live on our Facebook Page, on April 6, 3 p.m. to have the discussion with the leading experts of the industry:

- Katerina Simonova (Head of Tourism Department of Zaporizhzhia)

- Maryana Oleskiv (Head of the State Agency for Tourism Development of Ukraine)

- Pavel Sheremeta (founder of Kyiv Mohyla Business School)

- Vyacheslav Polinovsky (Director of AIR Academy)

- Roman Akbash (famous guide of Zaporizhzhia)


We are convinced in historically resilient of the industry, we believe it's ready for changes and successful future after any crisis. 

Please leave your comments and questions below, join our Live Stream on April, 6. See you online.  

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