How to buy a cheap plane ticket for New Year's holidays?

Despite the many tips, the reality is relentless and prices will not be low during one of the most sought after seasons. But here are some actionable tips from board executives and experts to quell the pain of big expenses and find the best deal for New Year or Christmas.


1. Book your tickets in advance, but not too early. According to the advice of experienced aviation professionals, the most convenient time to buy a ticket is 21 days before departure.


2. Use the price tracking service. A good solution would be to subscribe to several resources at once, as the information presented may differ. Set up alerts for interesting destinations so the system will let you know when there are great options.



3. Don't look for lots of places at once. When traveling with family or friends, do not search all places immediately. The airline is likely to offer you nearby seats for a higher price.


4. Check for alternative airports. Don't just limit yourself to the big airports that appear first on the map and among the deals. Lowcosters can sometimes offer good connections for smaller resorts.


5. Use the Google Flights map. Convenient service will show you immediately all available destinations from your city. Just enter your "home" airport and enjoy browsing through a convenient list of listed prices. The most favorable and inexpensive offers are indicated by color.



Here are some additional tips for Christmas travelers:

- send gifts by mail or order gifts at online stores with delivery to the recipient. Such a gift policy will save time, time and help you avoid the extra baggage allowance, which can sometimes be a big part of your holiday expenses

- book your morning flights, this will give you time to spare and in case of cancellation or delay of departure

- prices for tickets and hotels will be much lower in a week after the holidays :)



To travel by plane, you do not have to make money. Our tips will help you save a great deal on airfare.

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