How to exchange, return tickets

How to proceed if you cancel your flight, return flights or change your departure date to a later date. Conditions of return, exchange from airlines.

Turkish Airlines  provides a free change of travel date for all tickets purchased until March 31, 2020 for flights scheduled until December 31, 2020. Passengers can also cancel their reservations and, in the absence of a clear date for a new flight, get an open ticket to use later.

Phone: +38 (061) 239-70-87, +38 (061) 239-70-88, +38 (061) 239-70-89. Email:

SkyUp Airlines

Tickets for dates that are forbidden can be postponed to a later date or canceled according to the tariff conditions.

In case of cancellation of the ticket the refund is made in accordance with the tariff. To cancel a ticket you must:

- send an email request to if a ticket is purchased on the airline's website;

-require your ticket booking location if your ticket is purchased through an airline agent network

Additional information: 044 331 3000


During the period of temporary restriction of the airline it is possible to change the date of the trip once (after 03 April 2020) without payment of penalties on the same route and in the selected booking class within the validity period of the ticket. Additional information: +38 044 581 50 50, +38 044 364 50 50

"Motor Sich" will cease operating scheduled flights between Zaporizhzhia and Minsk from March 17, 2020.

Passengers who have flights from Zaporizhzhia to Minsk and Minsk - Zaporizhzhia with a departure date between March 17 and April 3, 2020, can contact the Airline Contact Center or the travel agency where the ticket was purchased for a full refund


Wind Rose Airlines - from 00 h. 00 minutes From March 17, 2020, until April 3, 2020, regular international flights will be closed. One free change is allowed to the date of travel until the end of the summer navigation period - October 24, 2020. Full refunds are only allowed if flights are canceled. Contacts: tel .: +38 (044) 498-77-77, E-mail:


Pegasus Airlines  You can return or change your ticket on the company website or in the Pegasus mobile app. Phone: +38 (061) 239-72-24, +38 (063) 528-59-54


LOT Polish Airlines

For tickets purchased before March 31 for flights between March 12 and April 24, you can change the travel date once for free. You can choose any date before December 31, 2020! If the cost of a new ticket differs, you will have to pay the difference. Changes to the reservation can be made through the LOT Contact Center +380 44 391 38 82


Wizz Air Passengers who book their tickets should be informed of the intention to cancel the ticket and refund as soon as possible. Passengers may choose to re-register a flight on the same route for a different date. It is also possible to re-register for another route, provided there are seats available. When canceling a flight, the passenger has the right to receive compensation that can be used for the flight in the future.

Contact number +38 089 320 25 33



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