How to choose travel outfits to look good on Instagram

Instagram is a place where fantasies are sold and we want to look good and present the amazing life we ​​live. But still, it should look casual and natural and showcase your own style.


Which outfit will suit you well and look good on social media? The answer is to combine several rules at once - good color combinations, personal style, destination considerations and knowledge of what is most popular on instagram.



Choose the right palette

Before traveling, think about your destination and the colors that will surround you. Choose a contrasting outfit For a poolside photo, choose bright red, orange, white or pink - this swimsuit or outfit will look good in combination with the blue and turquoise colors of the water. For destinations with warmer colors, such as brown and yellow desert or beach colors, try deep blue and white.



Know what suits you

Take a look at a photo from your previous trip to find out which clothes and colors work for you. You can also do some test photos beforehand and check your hashtag destination in Intagram. This will give you an additional idea of ​​the location and expand the list of ideas for future photos.


Be aware of accessories

A long floral print dress or scarf can add a sense of movement to your photo and open up many more poses. But if you do not want to be in the woods, mountains or stormy city with a nice but uncomfortable outfit, just put on a suitcase of lightweight scarves of different colors. You will be able to use them as soon as you see a view worthy of your Insta feed.



Instagram for two

If you are traveling in two, think about partner colors. Choose from neutral shades, pastel colors or blue. This color scheme gives you many options to combine and you will not look monotonous. At the same time, it will help to create images that will indicate that you are going to the same place.

Be sensible

Today it is very easy to be trapped in trends and social impact. Follow the trends, but make them part of your own image and worldview.

Be grateful

When visiting places that have their own atmosphere and history, be a grateful observer. Think about what you want to say to a particular photo, it may be that the place of historical events should be the center of attention in the frame, instead of your new hat.

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