How to Plan Your Day

How to keep in shape during quarantine and not get caught up in matters that are not important. 15 minutes planning in the morning will help to organize your everyday tasks.


Set up priorities

When planning something global and large-scale, one page is not enough: there are so many ideas in your head, and many opportunities in the world. You should not try to go all over the place, go through all the online courses and attend all the trainings: it is easy to scatter and achieve nothing. The situation where you seems to be busy all the time, and have just a few results, just about that.

Identify your primary goals. Think about your own wishes - what you want, not your colleagues, your employer, your teacher, or your friends.


Summarize daily

Well, it happens that in the evening there are only two things, out of ten planned, that you can strike out from your notebook. It's demotivating, so write down everything you do every day. Thus you'll proably admit that your time was spent on unexpected tasks that you had to solve immediately.


We want your day to be productive and enjoyable. Thanks for the inspiration: 

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