Brain Training Games

The best apps for those who want to try brain games and develop memory, creative thinking, become more adept at reading or solving problems.



The app has already garnered many awards, including the award by Google Play. The application is designed to train the brain through a fun, entertaining format. The game is based on specific tasks and exercises that will help develop memory, attention, deduction, speed of thinking, language, creativity and emotional control. In addition, PEAK has separate exercises aimed at relaxing the mind after a long day. 



With about 85 million users, this is another noteworthy application. LUMOSITY aims first and foremost to develop your memory and attention. Developed ощштедн by scientists and designers, the game adapts to our needs. Through analysis, it can demonstrate our weaknesses and strengths and our cognitive structures. Even though the app has a simplistic design do not be fooled by that, in this case form follows function. And be careful, these games have a magnetic effect. 



Short games for the brain health. BrainHQ offers 29 exercises that will allow you to exercise mindfulness, the speed of thinking, memory and intelligence in small 5-minute rounds. The program is designed by scientists and specialists working in the field of neuroscience. Most application levels are available for free.

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