Astrohata - an unusual recreation complex near Zaporizhzhia

In the unusual complex Astrohata they offer to observe objects from outer space in the largest telescope, drink wine, live in the Indian tipi and become a real space hedonist

Astrohata is a complex for recreation and observation of the stars.

Here you will find a six-meter Indian tipi, a Mongolian nomadic tent, two tents where you can organize lunch or dinner overlooking the steppe, a small cinema and more than one and a half hectares of emerald green fields around.

The largest amateur telescope - to observe the best starry sky of Ukraine, authentic, simple and natural dishes from local farmers, active recreation with bike rides - this is what a weekend at Astrohata looks like.

To the features of the complex should be added a delicate combination of price, quality and the opportunity to see hidden from the eyes of many tourists desert beaches of the Sea of ​​Azov.

So, if you really want to see the real sky, not overshadowed by artificial, "noisy" light of the metropolis, learn what the Indian tipi looks like in the style of glamping, see lakes nearby or combine the usual vacation at sea with a little adventure - you should look at this unusual place.

Astrohata, Shevchenkove village, Berdyansk district

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