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How to spend time with benefits. Free educational courses from the world's leading universities. Modern humanities programs from Harvard faculty or technology innovations and the best IT programs from the University of Massachusetts professors and Google employees, modern Ukrainian distance learning platforms. Choose your course, study online and get real passion.

Here are just a few of the most fun online courses, guaranteed to be useful and free


Harvard University 

Courses of various subjects from the best teachers of the world. The resource provides access to free courses. For a fee, it is possible to take a certificate course.

language: english

Massachusetts Institute of Technology  

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a research university founded in 1861 - the work of the institute provides for the education of students in the field of science, technology, and other areas of advanced scientific research.

language: English

TED Talks 

Ideas worth sharing. Scientists, activists and businessmen from all over the world share knowledge, vision and simply talk about what is bothering them and the world. A wide variety of topics from what feelings a person has about artificial intelligence to the history of the world through the eyes of cats.

language: English, Ukrainian transcription


A public project of mass open online courses appeared in 2014. The platform presents university-level courses from KNU, KPI, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Not only the course of lectures, but also the tasks for self-completion are offered. If successful, you can obtain a certificate.

Language: Ukrainian


Online education studio. Not only online courses but also online tutorials provided in the online library can be found on the site. Each individual course contains short videos, accompanying assignments to test. Successfully passing the exam at the end of the course can be certified. All courses are free of charge.

Language: Ukrainian


The resource offers a good base of courses in various subjects to help prepare for the EIT. The site also has a good selection of courses and workshops on creative topics. You can view the courses offered for free by using a filter.

Language: Ukrainian

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