Treehouse Hotel. Ukraine

Probably everyone in childhood dreamed of a tree house. Today, making this dream a reality is not so difficult. Search for your perfect tree house in our selection.

Tree Hut from @nemezha_rest
Where: Chumalevo Village, Zakarpattya Region
Here you can move away from people and feel a real unity with nature. The hut is made of natural materials. There is a private bathroom, a loft bed, Wi-Fi. The panoramic wall offers a magical view of the forest. The house is designed for two people or a family with small children. 

Hotel @tree_house_lodge
Where: nearby to Makarov Village, Kyiv region
The hotel was opened this winter. The Treehouse is located two meters above the ground. The room can accommodate 5-6 people with all the amenities. You can come with your pets, the hotel is pet-friendly. 

The place is secret. The owners give the exact location only before check-in. The rest here is a unique opportunity to put away your phone and to be alone with nature. 

Tree hut in the eco-space @skvospace
Where: Hydropark in Kyiv
There are a soft mattress, a bed, towels in the house,
the shower is located on the adjacent territory. You can also join the morning yoga or have breakfast at the vegetarian cafe. It is important that smoking and alcohol are prohibited here. You can rent accommodation at night from 21:00 to 12:00. This option is only suitable for warm and dry weather. 


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