Where to try unusual tea and coffee in Zaporizhzhia

The ideal cup of coffee or tea thing is individual. But the constant rule for a tasty drink is the balance of taste and aroma and, of course, the atmosphere. Where to try new and unusual types of tea and coffee in Zaporizhzhia?


Cafe Teplo

For real connoisseurs of tea, the ceremony is as important as the drink itself. Tea Café has all the rules for drinking tea. Moroccan tea with lime, cinnamon, mint and honey is best for a winter evening. Easy conversation, pleasant tea and a snowy landscape outside the window can all be a good afternoon tradition.

Brave New Bar 

You can try Wine Coffee - a drink with dry red wine, espresso and bourbon with spices and honey. Along with the interesting winter hot beverage positions, they also serve classic coffee, cappuccino and Irish Whiskey.



A comfortable and cozy place for a winter dinner or a friendly tea party. Here you should try tea with roasted pumpkin and strawberries, and if you want to cheer up, give preference to caporange or cappuccino, a wonderful and explosive combination of hot espresso and orange or grapefruit fresh.


You should try cocoa with guarana, spicy mango, beet cocoa or cocoa with gin and halva. For fans of tea here also prepared a good selection of berry and fruit teas, among which you can find interesting flavors: cranberries and tarhun or sea buckthorn with elderberry.


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