years since the lifting of Cossack Boat and « Brigantine»

Today at the Tourist Information Center there was an event dedicated to the anniversary of raising from the bottom of the Dnieper the ancient ships - "Kozatsky Boat" and "Brigantine" of 1736-1739, which are now stored and exhibited in the "Museum of Navigation" of the National Reserve Khortytsia.


The participants of the expedition and the researchers spoke about the archaeological heritage and presented the results of the archaeological research and restoration.

The event featured archival photographs covering archaeological work on the erection of ancient boats in 1999 and 2004, as well as unique footage of the documentary VD. Sarychev dedicated to expeditions.


We should remind that the Museum of Navigation in Zaporizhzhia is one of the largest museums of navigation in Europe. At the same time, it is also a workshop for the restoration of ancient ships, Cossack gulls and artefacts raised from the bottom of the Dnieper.

The Khortytsia shipyard was founded in 1737 during the Russo-Turkish War. The site was chosen to bypass the Dnieper rapids, through which it was impossible to divert the Russian fleet. On the shipyard were built Russian brigantines, boats and kayaks. The last two strongly resembled the legendary Cossack seagulls. Two years later, about 400 ships were built on the island, but some were underwater during heavy flooding. One of such buildings was found in 1998. After 9 years found a dowel-boat, a brigantine, a day-boat and a kayak. Hulls are now being restored and are gradually being restored to the boathouse on the island.


You can see the ancient ships with your own eyes by visiting the Museum of Navigation.

You can book a tour of the Museum at the Tourist Information Center, 151 Soborny Ave.,

tel .: 050-424-20-54

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