«Chortitza Mädchenschule» or «The Khortytsia Girls' School»

Today marks the 125th anniversary of one of the oldest educational institutions in Zaporozhye. "The Khortytsia Girls' School" was founded in the Rosenthal colony on 11th September 1895 on the private initiative of the Ekaterinoslav Congress and Mennonite industrialists Khortytsia.

In Medkhenshula they taught in German and girls studied religion, Russian and German, mathematics, history, geography and other important sciences. The teaching duration varied from time to time, from 1899 to 3 years and then to 4 years. It was also very valuable, because 1 year of study at that time cost 20 roubles, but there were also exceptions.

Later, thanks to sponsors, one of whom was Katharina Valman, the wife of a well-known businessman Andreas Valman, who donated 10,000 roubles for the construction of the school, another school building was erected with a graceful and colourful facade that combined different architectural styles.

The school was the educational and cultural centre of the region, of course, that the name of the school has changed many times over the course of its existence and despite everything it has always been an educational institution.

The main building of the school for girls has been preserved almost in its authentic form and is registered in the State Register of Immovable Monuments of Ukraine and has the status of a monument of architecture and urban planning of local importance.


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