Chernobyl is ranked among the most beautiful tourist destinations

There was a pole about travelling dreams in Great Britain. It was found 50 dreamful world touristic destinations. Сhernobyl excursion became at the 43rd position on the ranking list.


In addition to it, the residents of Great Britain want to see the northern light, make a trip in orient express, drive on the legendary Route 66, walk Great Wall of China, go on safari in Africa.

Pripyat and Chernobyl attract more and more tourists from Ukraine and all the world. This year more than 107 000 people have visited the exclusion zone. This way they setting a new record of attendance. Ukrinform reports that most visitors are foreign people –almost 80%.Top-countries: Great Britain– 15738, Poland– 9378 Germany– 7826, USA – 5580, Czech Republic – 4063 tourists.


It is interesting that travel companies make new routes to Chernobyl. Now they are working under introducing a new route – excursions on a hot-air balloon. This tour combines extreme and views nobody has seen before.


If you want to see Chernobyl zone with your own eyes. Zaporizhzhia Tourist Information Centre will help you.

Book a tour by tel.: 050-424-20-54 (Tourist Information Centre, Soborny Avenue 151)

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