Where to work in Zaporizhzhia if you are freelance

Working at freelance from time to time, there is a need to break up the monotony. And if you are one of the millions of people who have chosen to work outside the office, you have probably already been looking for a good place in a coffee shop, co-working or even a local bookstore or library. Where can you work in Zaporizhzhia?

Jays: Coffee Brewers

Large bright space for comfortable use with a laptop or book. For comfortable freelance time there are sockets, and a beautiful landscape with a panoramic window will help distract for a minute from work.

Features: Take your favorite coffee with you

Address: Sobornyi avenue, 172.


Joint Action Platform Hub

The hub has a 20-seat co-working space with free Wi-Fi, a large 150-seat multimedia screen, and meeting rooms if you decide to have a business meeting or, for example, meet with a potential employer or employee. Features: The only Zaporizhzhia Kids-friendly hub with a nursery.

Address: Turgenev, building. 29

Tea coffee

Cozy space where it is convenient to work in the daytime. Good location, delicious coffee and desserts for those who enjoy sweet work promotions. Tea Coffee is quiet, the atmosphere here is leisurely, and warm pores can be accommodated on the summer playground.

Address: 218 Soborny Avenue

Apartment # 1

Apartment # 1 has a democratic atmosphere. During the day you can work here, the creative mood of the cafe will help in the search for inspiration. And if you have a spare moment, choose a book from a small library.

Feature: It's a great place to just meet friends after hours, play board games or just have tea.

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