Birthday of a car

29 of January, 1886 in history is considered the day of the first car that went on gasoline. Our city boasts a car that has become a legend. Zaporozhets has been in production since 1960. What were the first cars and how did they change over time?

On 29 of January, 1886, Karl Benz received a patent for his innovative invention. The following year, this car was shown at an exhibition in Paris, and already in 1888, Benz began to sell massively.

Over 5 years, more than 25 cars called Motorwagen have been manufactured and sold.


Bertha Benz, the inventor's wife, made a trip with her children on 8 of August, 1888, which is still known today. On the way to her mother, she overcame more than 100 kilometers of road. During the trip, they repeatedly bought gasoline, which at that time was being sold in pharmacies as a cleaning agent. On significant rises, cars were pushed manually.




Our city boasts a car that has become a legend.

"Zaporozhets" has been in production since 1960.

Under this brand were produced 2 generations of cars, the first - from 1960 to 1965, the second - from 1966 to 1994.
Together with the base model line, the production of "Zaporozhtets" was started for export. Due to the complexity of the pronunciation for Europeans, the name "Zaporozhets" for export cars were produced under the brands Yalta / Jalta or Eliette. These models also featured improved sound insulation, side pads, a radio and an ashtray. An interesting feature of the model "Zaporozhets" 968M was the presence of a small hatch under the feet of the driver, which was designed specifically for winter fishing.

15-16 July, 2016 in the city of Zaporizhzhia took place the eighth international gathering of the owners of "Zaporozhtets" . This event was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the launch of the car. At that time, residents from Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Germany became participants.


In the Zaporizhzhia Museum of Technology "Phaeton" you can see with your own eyes a huge number of retro models of the car "Zaporozhets". Since 2013, there has been a separate hall where these cars are presented.


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