The Hospitality Days in Zaporizhzhia 2019: Program

Tomorrow, during the first forum day, guests will be waiting at three locations. Special sections will feature speeches by museum and restaurant professionals, representatives of the tourism media and marketing gurus, people who create trends and move the industry forward.


Guide school

November 21-22, (9am - 5pm)

Zaporizhzhia Tourist Information Center, Sobornyi Ave., 151

Two-day guide school from the All-Ukrainian Guide Association.


Museum Forum

November 21 (9.30-16.30)

Zaporizhzhia Regional Museum of Local History, ul. Trinity, 29

Museum Forum - A meeting designed to bring together a community of museum executives, employees and innovators to find answers to current industry questions.


Forum of restaurateurs

November 21-22 (9.30-17.30)

Rosenthal Manufactory, ul. St. Nicholas, 6

Restaurateurs' Forum - an opportunity to learn about successful cases and professional insights from industry leaders and experts.


Transport as the basis of travel

November 22 (10am - 7:30 pm)

Tourist Information Center of Zaporizhzhia, Soborny Ave., 151

Additional attention will be given to the logistics mix. We are planning to talk about the possibilities of the new terminal of Zaporizhzhia International Airport and to provide a platform for all air carriers to present their companies.


Forum of hoteliers

November 23 (9.30-16.30)

Khortitsa Palace, 71A Shevchenko Blvd.

Hospitality Forum - Finance, Management, Marketing and IT in the Hospitality Industry.


Brand and Brand forum

November 23 (9am - 5pm)

Zaporizhzhia Tourist Information Center, Sobornyi Ave., 151

The Brand & Brand Forum is all about showcasing the online world and applying it to the travel business.


Meeting: Trends in Tourism Development in Ukraine

November 24 (9: 30-17: 00)

Zaporizhzhia Tourist Information Center, Sobornyi Ave., 151

Meeting to discuss achievements and successful tourism projects 

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