Hospitality Days in Zaporizhzhia. Two-day guide school.

A two-day guide school from the All-Ukrainian Association of Guides is a collaboration and training platform for guides, tour guides, beginners and field professionals.


The thematic meeting aims to support the development of the tourism sector in the region through the exchange of best practices and tips, the involvement of a professional guide network.

Guide School is an effective presentation and group techniques, tips on how to make tours in demand and accessible to Ukrainian and international audiences, how to work with social media, and integrate the latest ideas into the daily work of a guide.

We can say that our speakers are modern, creative and unique.

On 21-22 November we'll meet Yanina Gavrilova, Roman Akbash, Valentina Vynnychenko, Denis Vasilyev, Sergey Dudarenko, Alexey Sivak, Maria Edlis, Olga Shkuro, Sergey Yatsik/ 


Yanina Gavrilova:

- Chairman of the Board of Directors of the All-Ukrainian Association of Guides,

- domestic and international expert in tourism product development, excursion, certified trainer,

- represents the Federation of European Guides (FEG) and the World Federation of Tourist Guides Associations (WFTGA) in Ukraine


 Roman Akbash:

- guide and local historian of Zaporizhzhia

- master of city routes

- author of his own brand "Time Travel Bureau"

- a person who has turned the hobby into a profession.


Valentina Vinichenko:

- guide - guide with more than 40 years of experience

- introduced 50 author excursions

- author of the unique excursion "Through the Gateway, around Hortica Island"

- Member of the FEG (europear federation of touristguide associations)


Denis Vasilyev:

- director of the Museum of the history of musical instruments "Drum"

- Member of the ICOM International Museum Council

- a member of the SIMSIM Committee and the Zaporizhzhia Guild of Guides

- founder of the Excursion Bureau "Tamtam"

- Director of BarabanZa Music Hub and Sound Art Space Residence Art

- a representative of the organization for management of copyright and related rights


Sergey Dudarenko

- Head of the department of scientific and educational work of the Khortytsa National Reserve

- Curator of the Night on Sich project

- guide, coordinator of new tourist routes Khortytsya Oleksiy Sivak: - partner of CFC Big Ideas, director of interaction with public authorities

- Google's digital conversion consultant

- author and organizer of regional tourism development campaigns

- Traveler


Maria Edlis:

Theme of the presentation: "Checklist guide work with social networks. Creating quality Instagram and Facebook pages"

- Certified translator guide

- co-founder and creative director of the Kiev Colors tour agency

- Candidate of Psychological Sciences


Olga Shkuro

- professional geographer, organizer of excursions to Transcarpathia, Carpathian, Romania (Maramoroshchyna)

- author of the book "Interesting Local History"

- participant of projects "Ukraine-Norway" and "Geographical Indication of Hutsul Brindy"

- conducting wedding ceremonies in the picturesque corners of the Carpathians


Sergiy Yatsyk:

- Speaker, presenter of live broadcasts, editorial editor of the program "Constituency" on UA ​​TV channel: Zhytomyr

- trainer of the Center for retraining and advanced training of employees of public authorities

- Member of the Board of the NGO "Youth Foundation for European Initiatives"

- Candidate of Philosophy. Master class "I am a wonderful speaker"


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