The Hospitality Days in Zaporizhzhia: Restaurateur Forum

November 21-22, we learn how to cook delicious meat, cream borscht, hearty white bread and many other interesting dishes from the author. And also talk about technology, marketing, design and management in the restaurant business.


The Restaurateurs' Forum is an opportunity to learn about successful cases and professional insights from industry leaders and experts.

Technology, marketing, design and management - a comprehensive pool of discussions will touch on all aspects of the restaurant business.

Online training with master classes and a culinary school and speeches from senior executives at successful establishments and restaurant chains who will share proven business tactics.


During the two days of the forum we will see performances and master classes, with us restaurateurs and chefs will be known: Asmik Gasparyan, Aurora Ogorodnik, Mykola Osipov, Vitaliy Mitun, Oleksandr Prysyazhnyuk, Vyacheslav Karpenko, Artem Yurchenko, Oksana Poyda, Oleg Yagodov Ogienko.


Aurora Ogorodnik:

- gastroenthusiast

is a blogger and restaurant critic

- co-author of the Gastro-environment project

- member of the creative team of the show "Hell's Kitchen"


Mykola Osipov

Master - adaptation of old recipes to modern Ukrainian cuisine

is the brand chef of Mimmo Restaurant

- Head of the branch of the First Ukrainian Association of Chefs of Zaporizhzhia

- co-author of a book for children and adults "Simpler Simple"

- participant of Ukrainian Gastro Show 2019

is a Worldskills 2019 Junior Cup expert


Vitaliy Mitun

"Cooking: Calf Cheeses with quince and mushroom chips and pork belly with smoked corn porridge"

- Chef of Bella Vita Restaurant

- Member of "The First Ukrainian Chefs Association"

- participant and winner of the Championship of Ukraine in cooking 2019

- Judge of World Skills Ukraine 2019


Alexander Prisyajnyuk

"101 restaurateur's mistake, or how about half a million to open a restaurant"

- restaurateur

- founder of Monica Bellucci - Lounge Cafe (finalist of the Salt Prize) and Monkey pizza & bar (Zaporizhzhia)

is a businessman who has created 12 successful businesses

- co-founder of Renaissance developer company

is a partner of the R1 development company

- Member of Odessa Business Club. Patron


Vyacheslav Karpenko

"Contemporary Ukrainian cuisine cream-borscht and black bruschetta on ash with hay and smoked bacon"

- Brand Chef at Brave New Bar

- Member of "The First Ukrainian Chefs Association"

- Chef of the new restaurant How I Met Your Meat


Artem Yurchenko

- winner of the Ukrainian Championship and inter-regional competitions of Ukraine

- participant of master classes in cooking

- judge of culinary festivals

- chef at Bergamot Restaurant


Asmik Gasparian

The motto: "Meat is strength"

- brand chef of meat restaurants Myastoria

- Master Chef Ukraine 2016

- a graduate of the French Culinary Academy Le Cordon Bleu


Oksana Poida will tell you all the secrets of modern Ukrainian cuisine

- chef and author of dishes Restaurant Club Manufactory Rosenthal

- creator and co-owner of a catering company

- Prefers European cuisine

- a distinctive feature - creativity and ingenuity


Iova Jager

November 21-22 "Restaurateur Forum" on the Hospitality Day

Subject: A new era of design. Important trends in hospitality today

- designer of restaurants, hotels, bars

- founder of Yova Yager hospitality design studio

- For more than 10 years he and his team have been implementing various projects in the Ukrainian and European markets


Rustem Kudusov

Mater class "Lamb rack with cheese and mushrooms"

- Chef of restaurant Stumari - Cafe of Georgian cuisine, Zaporizhzhia

- Chef with 15 years of experience

- specialist in national Georgian cuisine

- worked on European cuisines of the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland


Oleg Ogienko with the culinary master class "White bread on a sourdough with thyme"

- Member of the first Ukrainian Chefs Association

- Baker-Craftsman

- brand baker


See you November 21-22

Restaurateur Forum

Rosenthal Manufactory Restaurant Club,

st. St. Nicholas, 6 

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