The Hospitality Days in Zaporizhzhia: Tourism Industry Trends

On November 24, the Tourist Information Center of Zaporizhzhia will host a professional meeting of representatives of tourist centers, employees of cities promotion services, media.

On November 24, a meeting will be held at the Zaporizhzhia Tourist Information Center to discuss achievements and successful tourism projects with the participation of the Zaporizhzhia City Council Tourism Directorate, Lviv City Council Promotion Department, Tourist Information Centers, Zruchno Travel National Tourist Portal, Dnipro Development Agency cooperation between the Tourist Information Centers of Ukraine.


We invite you to participate colleagues, tourist asset, public organizations and all interested in the development of domestic tourism.

The meeting will conclude with the screening of the exclusive movie “The Spirit of Bauhaus” (Vom Bauen der Zukunft - 100 Jahre Bauhaus, 2018).


We will remind that from 21 to 24 November in Zaporizhzhia a large-scale event in the hospitality industry will take place.

The Days of Hospitality in Zaporizhzhia will be gathered at professional meetings, trainings and workshops by representatives of different industries:

- hoteliers

- guides and participants of the tourist asset

- business owners and representatives of the restaurant business

- media, journalists, marketers

- teams of tourist information centers of different cities of Ukraine


The Hospitality Days in Zaporizhzhia, November 21 - 24, 2019 

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