Eco-tips for every day

How can you influence the climate? Small changes in daily life are important and can positively change the ecological status. In addition, simple steps can save you money by reducing your usual expenses.



Use a car less often. This is not an easy solution, but there are several options for solving the problem. For example, you can share a car or contact a carpooling service to find a business trip to share expenses and fuel. Try to use public and electric transport more often. Modern technologies also offer a pleasant way to get involved in a more active life, thanks to electric scooters and electric bikes.


Turn off light in an empty area, unplug electrical appliances when not in use. Warm up your home to reduce heating costs. Use LED light bulbs and try to invest in energy efficient appliances, such as shower faucets and small electronic appliances. Do not use a washing machine to dry clothes, defrost the refrigerator and freezer regularly.


Everyday life




lTry to consume less hot water. Using the boiler to heat the water for 5 minutes requires as much energy as it would take for 14 hours to operate a 60-watt light bulb. Cover the pan and the pan with the lid while cooking. This will allow you to use less energy and prepare your meals faster. Use lower temperatures for your washing machine. Turn off the faucet while shaving or while brushing your teeth.


Eat less red meat. In the production of 1 kilogram of beef, the amount of carbon equivalent to 106 km of road on the average car is emitted into the atmosphere. Try to buy local products. This will help reduce the amount of carbon produced during transportation and support the local economy. Use reusable utensils and bring your shopping bag with you the next time you go to the supermarket.



Avoid printing unnecessary documents. Use your own cup and water bottle. Try to use public transportation more often, or invite your colleagues to share a car.



Share experiences and eco-ideas that you think are reasonable and feasible for implementation with your family, neighbors, colleagues. Communicating and spreading the idea of ​​smart consumption is the best way to raise awareness and encourage real action on climate change and the environment.



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