HoReCa 2020 Forum

On 11-12 of March, a forum will be held in Zaporizhzhia, bringing together HoReCa industry professionals, directors and restaurant managers, administrators and chefs. Recognized industry professionals, invited speakers from Odessa, Kharkiv, Kiev will share their experience and talk about successful case studies on marketing strategy, working with the team, reveal the secrets of creating visual content.


The meeting will be interesting for restaurateurs, chefs, managers, administrators, directors, waiters.


March 11th

Elena Polishchuk (Kyiv), is responsible for the safety of goodwine

products projects:

Make my cake City

Coffee Guide

GoodDeal by goodwine

RestoCamp 2017

Odessa Coffee Festival


Speech: "What is HACCP, is it needed, what are its benefits?"

The basic terms of the HACCP are: critical control points, dangerous factors, fixation, adjustments and corrective actions, safety, risks, probability, traceability, critical thinking. Basic Laws and Regulations.

Budgets. Budgets. Budgets. Why HACCP is cheaper than fines. On the example of his company spending on HACCP.

Consultants and implementation team. Are they needed?


Dmitry Dobrodiy (Zaporizhzhia)

Restaurateur (Brand Bar Begemot network of establishments

family restaurant Bergamot

SmileFood Online Restaurant

Speech theme: "Speed. Quality. Price."



Igor Hempel (Zaporizhzhia)

Restaurateur (Bull butcher & wine restaurant, California)


Maria Zatonova

Speech topic: How to make the staff a team.


March 12

Igor Mezentsev or (Kharkiv) -

Speaker of the International Chefs Summit Chefs 2018, Ambassador of Ukrainian Cuisine Ukrainian Gastro Show, Member of the National Salt Restaurant Award, Chef of the Slow Food Ukraine Alliance, Speaker of the Ikra talks educational platform, Speaker chefs' creative chefs summit 2019.

Author of a series of food magazines. Little Girls Magazine. This year, Igor is creating a new joint project with food photographer Dmitry Bakht "Let's go in the future" about conscious consumption of foods that will borsch in the future. Most recently, he created a Tupit project in which he gathers chefs and sends them to survive in the woods for 5 days.


Marina Litvinova (Zaporizhzhia)

Food photographer and stylist, experience as a food photographer for 10 years

Topic of the presentation: "The basics of mobile food photography"


Alexander Jorges (Odessa)

Chef of the legendary Bernardszzi Restaurant in Odessa

Speech topic: Art in the kitchen and beyond.

Speech topic: «Speed. Quality. Price".



secret speaker

Banko Maria, Marketing Director at Dima Borisov's Family of Restaurants, Foods.

Responsible for internal and external marketing communications of more than 45 restaurants.

Topic: Restaurant Marketing: From Strategy to Tactics (Dima Borisov's Restaurant Family example)

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