Google Lens: A useful travel app

Google Lens is a technology that uses your smartphone camera and in-depth machine learning to tell you about your surroundings and provide useful information. Google Lens will tell you what flower is in front of you and help you understand the menu of a local Chinese restaurant by making a translation based on what your phone sees. All you have to do is point the camera at a specific subject.


It's interesting to search from Google Lens. With the application you can:


  • to learn about interesting historical and tourist places around, Google Lens will tell you about popular locations, provide information on hours of operation and rating of a place, get acquainted with historical facts and offer objects to visit nearby, and give a museum or gallery an art object and its author
  • scan and translate text, just point your camera at a restaurant menu page, road sign or business card, the program will translate in real time and suggest other actions based on what you have seen, call a number, look nearby, find a route
  • find the things you like, use the app to find outfits, interiors or decor that you saw and liked, the program will offer a list of stores where you can buy the same or similar item
  • see popular menu items at the restaurant, think about what to order, just point your camera at the menu page and see reviews and photos from other guests identify plants and animals,
  • with Google Lens you can find out what kind of unusual flower you see in front of you, what exotic fruit you are offered in the local street food menu


Google Lens is a great helper on vacation and every day. From now on your phone's camera can do more than just capture the nice moments in a photo. Whether you're traveling to a new place or country, looking for gift ideas, or experimenting with new flavors at a national restaurant, the app will help you do so in an interactive manner and make using your smartphone camera much more fun.

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