Art exposition "Where there are fights – there are heroes»

On June 24, The Museum studios "City beyond the Rapids" hosted the opening of a new exposition "Where there are fights – there are heroes". The exhibition is dedicated to the glorious history of the Ukrainian Cossacks and its brightest episode – the National Liberation War led by B. Khmelnitsky

The exhibition is based on vivid impressions and emotions caused by the paintings of David Tenirs Jr. depicting Archduke Leopold Wilhelm in the Brussels gallery by the staff of the National Reserve «Khortytsia». The exhibition presents paintings of various genres: portraits, battle canvases and landscapes. However, the leading one is still life, but not picturesque, but created from museum objects.

The authors of the project did not accidentally choose a still life.

The XVII century is a period when Baroque art is being formed, in which the main character was not so much a person as the environment that surrounds him, this is the era of the heyday of still life, where the main character is an object.

The exposition embodiment of the theme of heroes and battles takes place with the help of two common images: a baguette frame and a cart. In the exposition, the baguette frame is an allegory of heroes. The characters were different. Bright and famous as Ivan Bogun or Maxim Kryvonis, whose name everyone knows. There were also such people as the rebel Ivan Matskevich or the sotnyk Poluyan, whose names are mostly known to historians. Therefore, the exposition  has gold-plated frames, there are dark ones with simple profiles. Some frames hang crookedly, are broken – because there are no perfect heroes. Empty frames are a place for nameless heroes. The exhibition features both heroes and anti-heroes of that war.

The next image is a cart. As you know, the most effective means of conducting defensive and offensive actions of the Cossack Army was a mobile fortress – a camp of carts. The carts presented at the exhibition are not reconstructions of combat ones. These are rather images of such carts. They serve as a vehicle, banquet tables, counters. Decorating carts with gold color is a hint of the starry Milky Way and the fiery chariot of Elijah the prophet - a zealous champion of the purity of faith, the Lord of thunder and heavenly fire, which he sent to punish sinners.

You can visit the exposition  "Where there are fights - there are heroes. Dedicated to the Ukrainian Cossacks" at:

Tsentralny Boulevard, 3 ("House of shoes, 2nd floor").

Opening hours of The Museum studios "City beyond the Rapids": from Wednesday to Sunday, from 9.30 to 16.30

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