Ukrainian airlines were allowed to use the Internet in flight

Good news for anyone who loves to work, chat or watch movies on the fly. According to the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, since January this year, carriers have been legally able to use satellite communication technologies and provide passengers with Internet access at all stages - from landing to arrival

This was made possible by amendments to the National Table of Radio Frequency Allocation of Ukraine and the Plan of Use of the Radio Frequency Resource of Ukraine.

European studies have shown that connecting to the Internet on board aircraft using Ka-band space terminals has no negative impact on aviation security while operating on the ground.


Also, telecommunications operators have been able to use the most up-to-date equipment based on new broadband standards. This is an important step towards the emergence of quality internet in small villages and remote areas, as well as improving the quality of telecommunication services in public transport, corporate environments, shopping halls, hotels or train stations.

Amendments to the Government Resolution “On Amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Decree No. 1208 of 15.2005 December and No. 815 of 9.2006 June, have been amended.

We are waiting for the appearance of the Internet in Ukrainian aircraft.

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