Cool place near Zaporizhzhia

The Bergman Manor is a unique architectural monument located near Zaporizhzhia. It was built by brothers Herman and Abram Bergman. In 1862, he and his parents moved from Prussia closer to the Khortitsa Mennonite colony in Solon. Later, the brothers inherited the land acquired by their father and founded the settlement of Bergmanstadt in this area.

The brothers actively developed the infrastructure of Solony. A brick and tile factory and small enterprises of the food industry were built, and air and steam mills operated. Bergmans paid a lot of attention to the development of agriculture.

The elegant Bergman residence was built in the second half of the 19th century in an eclectic style with neo-Gothic elements. The manor is decorated with spiers on the roof, a porch with winding columns and antique tiles. To this day, the main building of the residence has been preserved, which still impresses locals and guests with its beauty. On the porch of the main entrance, by the way, you can still see the original tiles.

Today, the museum houses the Museum of the History of Salt. Free admission. You can leave a symbolic amount for the development of the museum space.

Manor of Bergmaniv, village Solone, Dnipropetrovsk region, street Gagarin, 20

Photo: @ avienne.marlen

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