Best Travel Books

A collection of travel books that will take you to places you have never been. Romance, a special philosophy and, of course, many adventures that can be experienced from the comfort of your home.


"To the ocean with a stool". Pavel Solodko, Leonid Kanter

This book tells about the adventures of friends who, once sitting in the kitchen, decided to bring four stools from this kitchen to the four oceans - the Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and Pacific - and leave them as sights on the coast. Ordinary kitchen stools. No sooner said than done. In five years, three stools were already standing on the shores of three oceans. The last one remains - Pacific ocean. And here's an art riot squad landing in New York. 33 dollars and 33 cents in the pockets, as well as a passport with a visa. The group has a mission: to cross America from north to south to Cape Horn, moving across dozens of countries and borders, through mountains, deserts and jungles. 



«In search of barbarians». Andrey Lyubka

The story of the lands and peoples between Odessa and Trieste, the countries where the Balkans begin and never end. It is a private diary of numerous journeys to popular places, capitals, but also to the provinces and unrecognized republics that are lost in times. Why Serbs do not like Croats, and Slovenians do not consider themselves Balkan/ how the Danube not only divides but also connects Europe, where and when Macedonian traffic policemen bribes, which girl from Bucharest could author fall in love with and how many brandies can be drunk in Sarajevo and ouzo in a Greek tavern - Andrey  Lyubka talks about all that topics, sometimes with humor, and sometimes in a scientific way/ He crosses borders and questions stereotypes, gets acquainted and quarrels, looks for a night out / He does all the things that must be done in search of barbarians. 



«The art of travel». Allen de Botton

Feel the taste of travel without leaving home - travel with Alain de Botton. In his book of philosophical essays on travels, the British writer reflects on the concept of travel, comparing his experience with the experience of other eminent travelers. Together with the French poet Charles Baudelaire and American artist Edward Gopper, the author discusses the romance of roadside cafes, gas stations and airports. This book is about art, literature and philosophy, a special look at travels and those who travel. 


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