Skating rink: tips for beginners

Whatever your first step on the rink, bold or cautious, simple rules can help you avoid frustration and start enjoying your skiing as soon as possible.


1. Don't look down

It's amazing how many beginners look at their feet instead of looking in their direction. Look in front of you to know for sure what or whom you may encounter in the next moment.


2. Get good skates

If you are skating for the first time, renting skates at the site will be a good choice. But if you decide to skate more often, you should choose a good pair of skates that will last a long time.


3. Lace up the skates correctly

Proper skates will not "work" properly if they are not properly worn. Make sure your skates are not too tight so you can feel comfortable and not too big to properly support your ankle.



4. Make a small warm-up

Riding is on a cold rink, so the muscles should be warmed up, stretching or doing simple exercises.



5 Take a driving lesson

On a rink, you can usually join group lessons. Bring your friends with you so learning will be faster and more fun.


6. Do not lean back

The best advice is to keep your knees bent and move your body forward. If you can't keep your balance in the beginning, stretching your arms forward will help keep you in balance.


7. Learn to stop

To stop, put your toes together and turn your heels out. This will help you slow down your movement.


8. Choose the right direction

Although the direction of your movement may not be up to you at the beginning, there are usually clockwise or anti-clockwise sliding rules. Do not move against the stream to avoid a nasty collision.


9. Visit a temporary skating rink

Christmas and New Year are a good time to visit the skating rinks that appear in the city. Here you can not only maintain your skiing skills, but also just have a good time, regardless of your skill level.


10. Don't take everything too seriously

If you are unlucky to fall, and this is likely to happen, take it with a smile and try again. After all, even the best skaters make mistakes and fall. So do it stylishly and don't give up.


Simple tips will help you start your skating experience, the rest is up to you. Remember - optimists do it better.

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