The best wine for cold weather

Cold winter weather makes everyone a little lazy, and there are reasons. The days are short and dark, and the journey from office to cold weather seems like a major accomplishment. But no drama - a glass of wine, combined with cozy sweaters, Netflix and long evenings, if it doesn't save your winter, will probably make it a little better


In our selection "winter wines" for a pleasant holiday or dinner.


Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon can be a good choice for anyone who prefers wine over other beverages. Wine with a rich taste goes well with many winter table foods and dishes. At the same time, due to its deep notes and aroma, its taste creates a cozy atmosphere and warms up in a cool January evening.



Is there a bad time for Spanish? Whether you're planning on celebrating the New Year or just adding a little sparkle to a dark snowy evening, staying home, champagne is always a good idea. Combine it with cheese or strawberries and chocolate and get a guaranteed enjoyment time.



Rich in taste and a bit of buttery chardonnay, it's a great way to incorporate white wine into your winter evening program. The texture and sweet taste of this wine blends well with hearty winter food such as meat, spicy fish or chicken.




Australian shiraz is known for its fruity taste with notes of plum and black currant, which also make it the perfect wine for a winter dinner. Fruit flavors help balance the taste of any dish. This wine is strong enough, simple and understandable, and maybe that's why it's hard to resist.




There is something magical in the glass of the port that causes almost instantaneous relaxation. The rich, concentrated taste is reminiscent of dessert wine. However, this wine is much less sweet than, Tokai. When choosing a port, it is important to remember that the younger the wine - the more tart and rich it will taste, with bright fruity and floral-sweet notes. Conversely, the longer extract matches the more delicate taste with notes of dried fruits.


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