The best burgers in Zaporizhzhia. Top 5 establishments

What can be more fun than the pleasure of a juicy burger with secret sauce. Even pizza fans will probably agree that the love of hamburgers spans the world. Where to try delicious burgers in Zaporizhzhia? But how to answer the age-old question: which ones are the best?



The choice of burgers in Melrose is probably the largest in the city. You can order classic burgers, cheeseburgers and bacon burgers, a large glazed whiskey burger, as well as a pizza burger.


Bull butcher and wine

The most original burgers in the American restaurant "Bull butcher and wine". For those who like juicy meat, the menu includes baked pork burger, marbled beef steak burger with shrimp and Lamb burger.



Wave 3

Wave 3 - an institution known in Zaporizhzhia, not only for delicious coffee, but also for cuisine. Among the offerings of American cuisine, you can find - a burger with turkey, duck and even with a tenderloin.


Heavy Burger

For the most discerning juicy meat lovers, visit Heavy Burger. The establishment prepares the company "Heavy Burger" with two beef cutlets, mushrooms, tomato sauce and tar-tar, Vegan Burger for vegetarians, as well as eleven kinds of burgers.



Usatui rabbit

Unique cuisine, best drinks, cozy design and delicious burgers at Usatui krolik. The restaurant menu includes young veal burgers with barbecue sauce, grilled vegetables, cranberry sauce and burger with chicken, bacon and cheese sauce. For those who do not eat meat, it is possible to replace the meat cutlet with falafel.

The days when burgers were considered junk food from fast food restaurants are gone. Real American burgers - big and juicy, can be with diet chops and, even, for vegetarians.

Visit Zaporizhzhia establishments and try a burger that is right for you.

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